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Notary Public | Naperville, IL

Notary Public Services in Naperville, IL

Convenient On-Site Notary Public

Our on-site state certified Notary professional will handle your sensitive documents quickly, accurately and in accordance with all legal requirements. The Notary on staff is available most business days until 6pm weekdays or 3pm Saturday. 

Call ahead to check for notary availability.


A Notary is a certified witness to a signature. Any document to be notarized must be signed in the presence of the Notary. A current, valid driver's license or government issued ID is required by the signer to be shown and recorded at the time of Notary.


Note- According to Illinois law, a Notary can not sign and seal I9 documents. Only a valid corporate signature is required.

Come See Us When You Need Notary Service For:

  • Contracts
  • Legal Documents
  • Real Estate Documents
  • School Permission Slips
  • Medical Release Forms
  • Car Title Transfers
  • Power of Attorney
  • International Passport Renewal copiy validation

Have A Question About Our Notary Service?

Call 630-717-1351 if you have any questions or wish to speak to our on staff Notary Public. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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